MediMatcher vs. Job Advertisements

In the healthcare industry, recruitment is still mainly done through traditional methods. Most employers try to reach employees with job advertisements about open positions in different websites and newspapers.

In the healthcare industry, recruitment is still mainly done through traditional methods. Most employers try to reach employees with job advertisements about open positions in different websites and newspapers.

In the middle of the daily rush, the willingness to stick to familiar methods gets stronger. However, many workplaces could greatly benefit from new forms of recruitment. Below are a few examples about the benefits which MediMatcher can bring to recruiting in comparison to traditional job advertisements.

  1. Breaking free from time limits

And ad about an open job is visible in newspapers and websites only for a limited amount of time. In the healthcare industry, the need for employees can change very quickly. In fact, employees may be found via alternative channels, which means the money spent on a pricey job ad is wasted in the air.

On the other hand, it could also be that the right employee is not found during the time an ad is running. In this case, employers must purchase another ad until the right employee is found.

When we move from traditional job advertisements into employer and workplace-specific profiles and descriptions which are visible all year around in one place, the inflexible time restrictions of traditional job ads disappear.

  1. One posting for everything

Workplaces in the healthcare industry often consist of large and complex organizations. When a job ad is posted for a specific role, the number of ads posted annually becomes higher, not to mention time-consuming.

It is way more convenient when all work-related information is made available for each healthcare unit of a large organization at once. This information will reach a considerably higher number of job seekers than a job-specific ad would.

  1. Easing the application hassle

There is nothing more painful than filling out an endless amount of job applications. Completing applications is hard work and consumes time, with no guarantees of actually getting the job. In some cases, you may not even be sure whether the job itself is suitable for you. In MediMatcher, employees do not have to fill in numerous applications – employers can find all relevant information about a potential future employee from their employee profile, which are only filled out once.

Employers will also save time when they do not have to crawl their way through a sea of applications, some of which may not even match the job requirements. In MediMatcher, the employer can get a direct contact from an employee, who has read their employer profile and found it the right match for them. The employer can then familiarize themselves with their employee profile to find out more about who they are.

  1. Focus on the healthcare industry

Job advertisements are currently published only on websites and newspapers which lump together jobs from every field and industry. The most popular job ad services include for instance,, or

To find work in their own fields, nurses and doctors will first have to limit their search criteria to their own professional titles. In some of these platforms, even that may not be possible and search engines could only accept searches made by specific words. Finding the right results becomes time-consuming.

It is more accurate when healthcare jobs are listed under one roof. That makes it easy for interested job seekers to read more about a workplace and what they are offering. The service can also be tailored to meet the detailed requirements of the industry very specifically.

  1. Information about jobs will match what employees are looking for

Open job ads are often long, unspecific, boring, and full of empty words. They also make job seekers struggle in finding all the relevant information.

MediMatcher’s employer profiles have been designed together with nurses and doctors. We figured out the things that are the most important for employees when it comes to accepting a job offer, and we tailored these forms according to our findings. The information is clearly stated and easily understood. This makes job seeking more easy and more interesting.

  1. Wider network of employees

A traditional job advertisement is drafted quickly based on specific needs at the time. That is why many ads may contain information, which makes an otherwise qualified employee decide not to contact the employer. Moreover, an employee may not be able to find out the important benefits which they hope to gain from the job. In both cases, they may ignore the job ad altogether.

Yet, oftentimes there is more room for negotiation than what is stated in an individual job advertisement. When the information is outlined comprehensively and specifically, the risk of getting ignored by an applicant decreases, while the number of contacts increases.

Moreover, websites offering traditional job postings fail to offer a network of employees as concretely as MediMatcher. Recruitment via an open job advertisement is always one-sided, in which case the employer can only remain passive and wish the right employee would be found. In MediMatcher, employers can take a more active role when employees are only one message away under the roof of the same service.

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