MediMatcher behind the scenes

MediMatcher, the meeting place for healthcare workers, exists simply because it is needed. Successful recruiting is the key to good work, and it will not happen without the right tools.

MediMatcher is developed by healthcare professionals. The founders of MediMatcher have worked in recruiting for over 20 years. For them, it became constantly clearer that good recruiting is essential for a good workplace. What also became clear was that the healthcare field is desperately in need of a better recruitment system – and that’s how MediMatcher was born.

A simplistic functioning logic

On MediMatcher, employees can anonymously share their professional skills and qualifications, and employers in turn their job opportunities and what they have to offer. Based on their profiles, the application brings the best employee-employer matches together.

Full speed ahead

Nowadays, MediMatcher is run by a young and spicy team. The team is formed by excited and passionate professionals from a variety of fields, all who want to develop and grow. A long-term professional, Pasi Kurtti, has acted as a consultant and advisor to the MediMatcher team. He has worked as a medical doctor for over 30 years, founded the successful recruiting companies of the 2000s – MediMann and SMS-based recruitment system Nettimanni. Pasi has also been involved in founding a medical center. In addition to being efficient and innovative, MediMatcher is built on long-term knowledge and experience.

What stands the closest to the team’s hearts is the desire to offer the best possible customer experience and enable the recruitment of dreams. MediMatcher’s group is constantly evolving and expands to new business areas, such as social media marketing and internationalization.

“In addition to being efficient and innovative, MediMatcher is built on long-term knowledge and experience!”

The story began with a family company

Behind MediMatcher is the Finnish family company Medetter Ltd. Medetter works mainly in the field of psychiatry and operates as a doctor’s reception. During its lifetime, Medetter’s employees have been able to witness, how good and efficient staff is at the core of success. MediMatcher exists so that everyone could save time and money, and find themselves the right job and the right employees. Enough with complicated bureaucracy and unnecessary middle hands! MediMatcher will find The One efficiently and without prejudice.
  • Founded by healthcare professionals
  • Recruitment is ineffective and clumsy – MediMatcher was developed to fix this
  • At the heart of a young, dynamic and diverse team is the desire to help You!