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Find the healthcare professionals you need.

“Why choose MediMatcher?”

MediMatcher is the frontrunner in recruiting. Your profile is always visible to employees and you can contact the right match directly.
  • Offer jobseekers a chance to get to know your workplace thoroughly.
  • Steadily growing talent pool of healthcare professionals.
  • Modern search engine: with targeted searches you will find professionals with the needed skills and suited locations.
  • Jobseekers are looking for jobs on the same platform, so they can also find you.
  • Contact jobseekers with the platform's fast and effortless MediChat.

Experiences with MediMatcher

"It's wonderful how often you call us to ask how we are doing with MediMatcher!"
- Doctor, Ostrobotnia
"With MediMatcher's clear and easy-to-use search engine it was possible to search for specific employees according to our own needs and criteria!"
- Doctor, Southern Finland
"It takes about 30 seconds to sign into MediMatcher and job search happens anonymously based on your skills. Tried it and loved it!"
- Nurse, 34

Why choose MediMatcher?

Jobseekers want to explore and compare job opportunities in their own terms and find the right places for their own needs and desires.

The best way jobseekers can know where they are heading, is to get unbiased information without pressure and phone calls from recruiting companies or work agencies.

With MediMatcher, you reach employees quickly, easily and affordably.

By using targeted searches, you will find professionals best suited to your needs by focusing on specific skills and qualities. You will have an extensive and constantly updating selection of professionals with whom you can be in direct contact once you find your match – at any time.

Doctors and care professionals are using MediMatcher!

With the easy-to-use search engine you’ll find the healthcare professionals you need. Since employees are already aware of what you have to offer, you will get more focused and relevant applications through MediChat.

You can also contact interesting candidates and build a positive image of your workplace among jobseekers!

How MediMatcher works

Stage 1
We go through your demands and wishes together with you and create a plan for your online recruitment.
Stage 2
Sign up, find candidates and let jobseekers find you!
Stage 3
You're in touch with appropriate candidates through MediChat and can even send them the employment contract fast and effortlessly.