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What are the benefits of MediMatcher for healthcare workers?

MediMatcher is an easy-to-use application designed by healthcare professionals. With MediMatcher, you can search for jobs and locations according to your professional skills and wishes. MediMatcher makes it easy for you to gain an understanding of the current job market, so you can plan your work life in advance!
  • You get to scroll through healthcare employers yourself.
  • You can find all the necessary information about different workplaces and pick the one best suited for You.
  • You can contact an interesting employer directly – no phone services or recruiting firms getting in the way.
  • You make the decision about how you will be approached. No unwanted mail or disturbing phone calls if you choose so.
  • MediMatcher is already in use in Finland and will be available worldwide in January.

Experiences with MediMatcher

"In MediMatcher, employee benefits and salaries are clearly stated."
- Nurse, 55
"I warmly recommend MediMatcher for all healthcare professionals!"
- Experienced nurse
"It takes about 30 seconds to sign into MediMatcher where job search happens anonymously based on your skills. Tried it, loved it!"
- Nurse, 34

With MediMatcher, you can search for jobs according to their location and your points of interest

On call duties, remote work opportunity or Christmas parties? With MediMatcher’s extensive employer profiles, you will find out all you have ever wanted to know about a workplace! And if you feel a connection, you can send them a direct email – getting in touch is fast and easy! MediMatcher makes sure your message reaches the right person in charge of recruiting, so no more getting trapped in a complicated, old-fashioned and time-consuming recruitment process.

Equality in job seeking secured

If you prefer, employers can also see your profile and directly contact you if they feel you would be their perfect match. Since your profile is anonymous, your professional accomplishments are the ones that count! Only if you choose to reply to a job offer, you will talk about the details of the contract in person. By using MediMatcher, the job of your dreams may just as well find you!

You can start using MediMatcher with 3 simple steps.

Stage 1
Create an account – in less than a minute!
Stage 2
We’ll verify your status as a healthcare professional or a student in 24 hours.
Stage 3
Woohoo! It’s time to begin your MediMatcher journey.