Don’t do anything stupid. MediMatcher will soon expand abroad, which means you can apply for healthcare jobs anywhere in the world!

There exists a continuous shortage of healthcare workers, which is further challenged by ineffective recruitment. The easy-to-use application – MediMatcher – promises to renew the culture of recruiting in healthcare.

Ethnicity, gender, age, health and sexual orientation are all characteristics causing illegal discrimination against job seekers in the job market. This is why one of the most important features of MediMatcher is anonymity in job searching.

To many, the peace and quiet of the countryside is becoming an increasingly sought-after form of life. But what makes a job in the countryside so tempting it succeeds in catching a city bird?

The truth is that salaries are almost the same in every workplace. The decision is eventually made by how flexibly the employer reacts to employee wishes and what other workplace benefits are possibly offered. These were easy to discover with MediMatcher!

The trend of self-organization in work communities is coming to an end – and that is a good thing.