”The need for healthcare workers is continuous”

There exists a continuous shortage of healthcare workers, which is further challenged by ineffective recruitment. The easy-to-use application – MediMatcher – promises to renew the culture of recruiting in healthcare.

”The need for healthcare workers is continuous”

Many may have seen an article in the technology section of Helsingin Sanomat, where MediMatcher’s developmental manager Vivika Juntunen and communications chief Riikka Sirviö talked about the new cutting-edge service. The purpose of the interview was simple: What types of dilemmas is MediMatcher going to solve?

The article perfectly summarizes the essence of MediMatcher:

The name already says it: MediMatcher is where employers and employees meet – where the perfect match is found similarly to dating apps. However, one essential difference to traditional recruiting is that MediMatcher does not merely present open work positions. Rather, it offers a platform for employers to comprehensively present themselves and their workplaces. They describe the everyday life of their workplace, their work environment, employee benefits and so on.

 “The execution of MediMatcher is such because the need for healthcare workers remains continuous. A nurse we were in contact with recently made a great observation. That because the pay levels in the field tend to be constant, it is the employee benefits which matter when it comes to enjoying one’s work. That is why we want to encourage employers to share their benefits which support wellbeing at work”, Sirviö points out.

The administrators of the site ensure that only registered healthcare professionals are able to create an account to the service. Recruiting becomes easier and more efficient when employers and employees get to know each other anonymously.

 “A profile is created on the website, which is made easy by a clear questionnaire. Employers and job seekers get to answer ready-made questions in addition to open-ended and multiple-choice questions. The profile is created based on their answers, which mean that creating a profile only requires a few simple steps”, Juntunen observes.

It is time to change the stiff and clumsy recruiting culture which the healthcare industry has for long suffered from.

“Healthcare employers and employees can now get in touch with one another without unnecessary middle hands, such as recruitment or rental firms. At its best, this decreases unnecessary work, lowers the costs, and increases wellbeing at work when applicants find the job matching their wishes”, communications chief Riika Sirviö adds.

The entire article (in Finnish) is available here.

Thank you Keijo Lehtimäki for the great picture Maria Paldanius for the wonderful text!


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