Apply for healthcare jobs abroad!

Don’t do anything stupid. MediMatcher will soon expand abroad, which means you can apply for healthcare jobs anywhere in the world!

Many nurses and doctors dream about finding work abroad but arranging all the practicalities may seem too difficult to follow through. Luckily this autumn, MediMatcher will expand its operations to the global healthcare job market and assists all future expats in this area too.

Therefore, you will soon be able to find international job opportunities on MediMatcher from places like Sweden or Norway. And if you are looking for an entirely transforming life change, how about Madagascar or Peru?

In addition to more traditional jobs, MediMatcher will also introduce international aid work opportunities. The field of international aid work is constantly looking for all types of healthcare professionals from doctors and nurses to dentists and practical nurses.

Your help is important!

But…what about work permits?

The travel excitement of many travel-hungry expats often falls short as soon as they get lost in the jungle of bureaucracy. Worry not! MediMatcher will be guiding expats with their work permits and other important documents to ensure a swift and safe departure.

To be the first one in line for all the exciting and sought-after international job opportunities, we recommend you create your MediMatcher account already today! Creating an account is completely free-of-charge and comes with no extra obligations – and you will immediately be able to search for a large pool of job opportunities anonymously.

So, get started with your MediMatcher journey by creating your free account here.

Adventures await! Are you ready?

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MediMatcher is an easy-to-use healthcare recruiting application designed by healthcare professionals. With MediMatcher, you can search for jobs and locations according to your professional skills and preferences. Both job seekers and employers can scroll through each other’s profiles anonymously, and contact one another once they find their perfect match.

Learn how to create a profile as an employer or as a job seeker and start your MediMatcher journey today!