There exists a continuous shortage of healthcare workers, which is further challenged by ineffective recruitment. The easy-to-use application – MediMatcher – promises to renew the culture of recruiting in healthcare.

The average person spends about 2,5 hours on social media every day. So, throw your newspaper ads to the bin – it’s time to place them on social media!

To many, the peace and quiet of the countryside is becoming an increasingly sought-after form of life. But what makes a job in the countryside so tempting it succeeds in catching a city bird?

Recruiting an employee can be difficult, expensive, and move so slowly that by the time you have settled on the employee you wish to hire, they have already found a number of other places to work in. Luckily, there’s MediMatcher!

In the healthcare industry, recruitment is still mainly done through traditional methods. Most employers try to reach employees with job advertisements about open positions in different websites and newspapers.