Regular employees are the cornerstone of a workforce

The trend of self-organization in work communities is coming to an end – and that is a good thing.

The trend of self-organization in work communities is coming to an end – and that is a good thing

In reality, the need to self-organize can leave an employee without the necessary support from their supervisor. Only a few employees can take on the pressure which self-organization creates: One is left pushing toward a deadline on their own. Also, the modern solutions in the workspace may cause difficulties to focus on one’s work due to the many distractions surrounding them, such as the planning of work shifts or using new technological systems at work.

My own experience as a citizen and as an occupational doctor is that regular employees are the most important ones. Regular people run this world. Every employee wants to do their job well. In the end, most people are not interested in a growing career or so called advancement. It is important that employees can come to work at an agreed upon time and leave work once their shift ends. During their workday, they should have the chance to do their work with clear instructions.

The lived reality of work communities is rather mundane, and that is the message I see in my own work every day. When asked about their work environment at an occupational health check-up, employees nearly always describe it as good. In most cases. people enjoy their work. Enjoying one’s work is a type of natural law. If one does not enjoy their work, they change it until they find the job where they feel comfortable. Everyone is an individual and work that is suitable for them is found individually. The formation of a good work environment does not require circus tricks. It is important that everyone gets to be themselves and safely fulfill their role at work.

I believe that the next big trend in work is the appreciation of normalcy. In the end, regular people are the most valuable employees. When a super achiever freezes, the regular employee will continue in their every-day manner.

Pasi Kurtti
Specialist in general medicine, occupational doctor

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